Visa Fast Track

Visa Fast Track

Visa Fast Track Procedure

“Fast track” gives SwissCham members the exclusive benefit of getting an earlier appointment at VFS to submit their documents for visa processing. Members can apply directly at VFS at this link and identify themselves as SwissCham members. There are 5 appointments slots reserved for SwissCham each day. 

Please note: visa processing takes on average 15 working days to complete. “Fast track” does not mean expedited visa processing. The processing time including Schengen consultation always takes 15 calendar days. This process is mandatory and cannot be reduced.

Complete Files and Duration of Granted Visa

In order to facilitate the preparation of the needed documents for visa application, SwissCham members may find all the documents required indicated according to the leaflets below.

The files must be submitted complete each time, even if the person has already received several visas previously. Failure to submit complete records will expose the applicant to delays and they may have to repeat the application process all over.

The duration of the visa is granted according to the Schengen Codex. The duration of the visa is not controlled by the visa section of the Swiss Embassy in Cairo, and there is no guarantee that applicants who previously had longduration visa from another Schengen country will automatically receive a visa with long duration from Switzerland.

Territorial Responsibility

Applicants travelling to other Schengen States need to apply to the Schengen member state of the main destination of travel. In case of multiple destinations, the visa must be submitted at the Embassy of the country of the longest stay.  

Intervention From 3rd Parties

Regulation states that it is not permitted for third parties to interfere in the visa process or ask for information for reasons of data protection. If a SwissCham member has a question, she/he must send this request directly to the Visa Section at [email protected].

No updates will be given on the status of the visa status during the initial 15 calendar day period.

Refusal of a Visa and Appeal

If a visa application is refused, the reason for rejection will be communicated to the applicant on the official form. No further discussion can take place, or any more detailed information be given – as per visa processing policy.