Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

Swiss business and trade relations play such a critical role across industries in Egypt, it is essential to have an organization representing the interests of Swiss and Egyptian business. We welcome you to join our exceptional business network and benefit from the array of services it provides.

Following SwissCham’s launch in January 2022, the organization – with the thanks of our digitalization project sponsors – has transformed its processes and services, with new online applications, website and social media presence; making it easier for our members to access information, updates and events.

Additionally this year, we celebrate the launch of a partnership with Switzerland Global Enterprise. (S-GE). S-GE is the official Swiss organization for export and investment promotion with offices throughout Switzerland and in 31 countries. Linking companies, experts and public organizations globally, S-GE facilitates the efficient promotion of foreign trade – apart from export promotion, S-GE is responsible for promoting Switzerland as a business location abroad.

Throughout, we continue to work closely with our colleagues at the Swiss Embassy in Cairo to support alliances, events and development opportunities for the benefit of both Egypt and Switzerland’s close relations.

Welcome to the family.

Mahmoud Bazan

Cluster General Manager

Hero Middle East, Africa and Turkey